The Program

The Emerge Cafe Program is a unique and holistic program developed by Jen Shaw in partnership with both the youth of Toowoomba and leading professionals in health and wellness as well as those who work in the youth and community space in the Toowoomba region.

Emerge Cafe is not only an opportunity to train in a real life setting but makes available mentors, resources and education in physical activities, nutrition and cooking, goal setting and other essential life skills that we believe are vital to living as an independent and valuable member of the community.

When young people come on board with Emerge Cafe, we invite them to access one of 4 program options that will suit their individual requirements and interests. We are committed to designing programs that meet young people where they are at rather than providing a blanket concept so some variations may occur to the following options depending on the young person and the cafe.

Work Experience 

Young people are invited to attend the Emerge Cafe in a work experience capacity for as little as a few hours or a maximum of 2 weeks. There is no expectation to attend more permanently or undertake an Emerge program though young people are welcome to apply if they wish to extend their participation. This allows participants to have a taste of what we are all about as well as allowing young people the opportunity to take away some practical experience that might be useful for future training and job opportunities.

The Six Week Program

The six week program is a foundation program for all Emerge Cafe participants. Young people will be asked to attend the cafe 3 times a week to participate in all aspects of training in the cafe as well as sessions in physical fitness, nutrition and cooking workshops, goal setting and life skills.